Sunday, 22 January 2017

January 11 - 20, 2017 Other Goose and Old Rosie

the Jib Room offered a discount on drinks for happy hour .. and lets the cruisers come with pot
luck appetizers … a lot of the cruisers are taking this next weather window to cross to the Eleuthra and Exumas
and this was their last day in the Abaco this season

Hurricane Helens boat .. Ain't Miss Behaven

a dried out jelly fish at low tide

a jelly fish that is under water .. nice and plump

Sea Biscuit 

Grabber's Restaurant on Guana Cay

the ocean side of Great Guana Cay

lots of high waves crashing the shore

we find quite a few hard hats

Joe gave me this Little Book of Sea-Beans .. so this year we have been able to identify
our treasures

another nice sunset

Great Blue Heron

we had another great walk on the beach with Chris and Charlie

this use to be a cave, but one of the last few storms brought the wall down

another collection of sea beans

we made arrangements to take our fore sail to Man of War, to get it  repaired, and we got it back
in a few days … $360

Kevin from Grace headed into MOW with us

taking our sail to shore

these cute ducks waited for the golf carts to pass and then waddled across the road

heading for a swim

some nice folk art

Grace leaving the anchorage and snagged a pipe, but managed to release it

sailing back to Marsh Harbour with the main only

another rusted and broken switch .. so glad we had a spare on board

Other Goose, Rick and Susan from Owen Sound arrived in Marsh Harbour for one night only

they are on their way to George Town, Exumas
the weather window is open for a good crossing

saying our good byes

there they go

we head out of the Harbour again  for Mermaid Reef and a swim ….
and we get a radio call from Old Rosie, another Owen Sound boat

two guys having a good ride on top of their boat

Old Rosie, a Nova Scotia steel hull boat .. beautiful in side

Ben and Jane Eckensweiler, from our home town

we had happy hour on their boat and caught this beautiful sun set

Old Rosie brought us salsa, corn chips and AA batteries from Florida
the price is better in the USA

then we both headed off to MOW, Joe and I picked up our sail
the wind had shifted and our stern was to shore, so we both  moved to another island

Sugar Loaf Cay …. now this is better .. bow to shore

our tour of the lime stone islands

some caves 

this could pass for Tobermory landscape

another great sunset

the next day the wind shifted again, so we moved to the other side of the island
and went snorkelling with Ben and Jane … pictures to follow

 at anchor in Marsh Harbour

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