Sunday, 11 March 2018

Feb 9 - 11, 2018

Modaki and SandysWay left early the next morning to head north … and we always motor by our friends boats to say .. good bye and see you later …  Helen 

Frank on Altair ..  (Ottawa Valley, and we meet in the Bahamas)

Sandy and I always have our fishing lines out .. well most of the times .. but our Captains think it could be a hazard ..and it can be an issue  ..  .. but this time Sandy caught a 20 inch  red snapper
… just as we passed Firefly Resort .. 
thanks for having us enjoy our dinner

the real thing .. from the ocean to the pan to the plate
.. after a great dinner at Matt Lowe Cay 

what could be better than this .. a sail to Great Guana Cay and Fishers Bay
…   okay SandysWay is a faster boat .. and yes she left us in her wake  ..  
also we are towing a 10 ft double bottomed dinghy … 
nice sail SandysWay  ... 

so much fun … you can rent these for $180 a cruise  . 
its like a motor cycle  and you go forward .. you are attached to the main ship …

you are lowered into the maximum 25 ft .. ocean floor  … banks of Bahamas 

the famous Nippers

SANDY found her air plants … and so much bigger than mine .. lol 
read back on the blog to get an connection to air plants …
Ann and Bob  ….  so happy for you, Sandy  !!

the colours of the sea 

im glad this did not get caught any any ones prop

beach combing with Sandy and John

Nipper's Bar

i love this view

we saw these guys every where .. models and professional photographer .. 

its hard to leave with a resident cat sitting on your back pack

good night at Fishers Cay 

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