Sunday, 18 March 2018

February 14 - 15, 2018 Cracker P's and Hope Town

we headed down island to Lubbers Quarters .. Sandy and John
wanted to go the Cracker P's  Bar and Grill
.. when the flags are flying you know that they are open

Sandy and I had to try out their rum punch … not too bad  lol

they also make their own hot sauce

on our way back to our boats … we stopped to
check out this floating bar

and met up with Wingspread, Charlie and Chris

we also met Rupert and Sharon Evans from our yacht club, they are down here for a few weeks …. that's their
beautiful blue hull boat in the back ground

back to Modaki

happy hour on Modaki with SandysWay and Wingspread

time to leave Tahiti Beach on Elbow Cay

we anchored outside Hope Town and dinghied in to see our friends
on Sequal 2 .. Joe and Paula Fey … we found this hugh American flag washed a shore
a few weeks back .. it turned out that they needed a new flag and pole .. 

local art ….. head of a sea horse

sea turtle made out of a sea biscuit , turkey wing shells

some colourful accents …

in the mooring field of Hope Town

we wanted to take Sandy and John to Tomato Paste to meet Kent ..
this is were Joe volunteered last year and will do so again this fall  .. 
boat restoration place

well another day has finished in paradise 
off to Man of War Cay tomorrow

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