Tuesday, 6 March 2018

January 24 - 30, 2018 continued

Sunday morning we did some boat engine work then took a break to
head into town to see exactly were the fire was
there was fire trucks from other parts of the Abacoes assisting 

behind the Bank of Nova Scotia plaza is the part of the Mudd that was on fire

and yes there is razor wire separating the Mudd from town

the fire started around 6:30 ,and it was arson, the person was arrested …
about 50-60 homes destroyed

this is Haitian illegal squatters homes …. there is no roads into this area, the homes are virtually
touching each other and are made from cardboard to scrap lumber, no running water and no
sanitation …. I'm not too sure why there is an electric stove there, because there is no hydro to this area

this fire fighter was in the parking lot of Bank of Nova Scotia, handling the water hose
over the fencing to the fire

around 10:30 the fire was under control
no one was killed, but 3 fire fighters were sent to the hospital … these volunteer
fire fighters do not have proper gear and or breathing apparatus 

this heron stayed on our dock for a few days … 

on a closer look .. it has something stuck in its beak, it was looking very sick

our Nova Scotia friends on Old Sam, Susan and Don are volunteers
at ECC, Every Child Counts, a school for physically and mentally handicap
children … they gather lines and old netting that has been washed up on
the beach, then separate it and fuse it back together again to make baskets and mats

some of the lines that they have gathered, cleaned and fused together
Sandy from SandysWay and I are having a tour of ECC today

another boating couple Mars and Melanie from Lila volunteer
here … Melanie is helping one on one with a student, with her reading skills

some of the students, learning knitting

they also package spoons, forks, knives, salt and pepper and serviettes in
bags for local restaurants for money for the school … the Bahama government DOES NOT
contribute any money to the school

here is the blue line being made into a basket

the finished basket

the assembly line of the restaurant  cutlery 

these little girls are learning to crochet

Ronel and Sandy … Ronel is from Green Turtle Cay and has to take the ferry
then a car ride every day to get to school .. about 1 1/2 hours each way
Ronel has applied to a college in PEI, forgot the name … he wants to further
his skills of music and singing (he is a great singer, we heard him perform at his
parents restaurant, SunDowners at our Cruisers Potluck supper, at Christmas 2017)

Sandy and Patric …. Sandy has been feeding him ever since we arrived
in Marsh Harbour … one day she gave him corn chips, but the next time he said
he wanted something softer, then showed that he was missing a few teeth…
he also gets a hug each time and on this occasion his picture taken, he loved seeing 
himself … 

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