Sunday, 11 March 2018

February 8 - 9, 2018 Tahiti to Tilloo Cay

SandysWay and Modaki had a great sail from Tahiti Beach to Tilloo Pond on Tilloo Cay ..

sailing into anchorage

well this is what happens in the boating cruising world .. we all get invited to join up for drinks
etc.  you bring your own drinks and bring a snack to share  … some times these get togethers last all night and some times only for a few hours

we are all on Ain't Miss Behaven,…...( Nova Scotia .. Pictou )... .. we have known Helen for a few years now, she keeps her boat at Abaco Yacht Services  .. Helen started sailing a few years back ..with her husband and then he died ..
unexpectedly …  Helen is a grandma, mother, and one of a kind woman.. she sails alone and with friends .. Helen is the life of the party and her boat is witness to this …
in past posts I have posted what the underwater pictures and words are written on her haul .. 

but today I got an invitation to see the inside of her boat …

table is mosaic tiles … Sailor Joe, Sandy and Helen

pillars painted and sailing friend Gayle

the head sink … all painted up, with fish and frogs

heading back to Modaki … the turquoise dinghy is Helens .. every year it is a different colour
love our Sailing friends 

good night on Modaki

breakfast coffee with  SandysWay 
now off exploring Tilloo Cay

guess what all of the fleet from other boats at anchor showed up .. except a few and they are out 
spearing lobster .. 

so many beach finds …  the bumper of a car ??????? in the ocean side of this Cay 

remember the racing boat we found 3 years ago ... a few days after it came to shore on Tilloo Cay Abaco .. well not much of it is left ..  John, SandysWay .. took some good videos and shared them on FB ..

and what are we looking for … mostly sea glass …
and a great time with our friends  .. ocean side

heading back down to the Sea of Abaco .. away from the fierce ocean

Joe and I told Sandy and John about Tilloo Pond … they have already been here but it was too rough ... but today it was calm, calm
time to go snorkelling

a live Helmet  Conch .. that we delivered back to the ocean floor

I love these full face snorkelling masks .. the first time I have used one … so much easier than the
goggles, mouth piece  … thanks for the loan 

1/2 of Nova Scotia is lined up here at Tilloo Cay …
Modaki only Ontario boat 

to be continued ...

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