Tuesday, 6 March 2018

January 31 - Feb 1, 2018

an up date on the Mudd fire ….  
just over one acre of land that was home to approximately
55 shanty structures destroyed and leaving just under 200
persons without a home

Minister of Works, Desmond Bannister visited the area and said
he saw illegal electrical generation, and stolen wiring, and inadequate arrangements
in respect of hygiene … drone pictures were taken and he said
that no one is allowed to rebuild these structures.  

As I'm writing this post, Joe advised me that there was another fire in the Mudd, and
another 50-60 homes destroyed.

Joe and I pass this area at least 3 times a week on our way to or from the grocery store…
right now it was all cleaned up and it looked like a still on the left hand side

later we found out that Cane Syrup was going to be made from sugar cane
The cubical cast iron cane mill is anchored in the middle of the lot (right side).
The cane is fed into holes at the front of the mill, in the old days horsepower  was used to
rotate the 3"x 6' struts resembling a helicopter rotor .. but on this day they used a car
Once crushed the juice is filtered through a cloth and poured into a stainless steel boiler, heated by propane burners.  When the juice neared boiling point it was skimmed continuously to prevent
impurities scorching the base of the boiler.  Many hours later the juice has been reduced to one-sixth
of its original volume and is left to cool.  (just like maple syrup).
75 gallons of juice produces 15 gallons of syrup

after 3 weeks on the dock, finding the cause of our oil leak, ordering parts, waiting on parts to arrive
and fixing our problem .. we are ready to head out to continue our adventure
a cruisers pot luck was organized at Mangoes Gazebo … well it was a great success, about 25-30
cruisers came … 

lobster, spare ribs and salad was my dinner

John, Sandy, Rae, Susan, Joe and Don  just to name a few

Vince, from Flight Plan … he is one of Abaco Yacht Charters Captains

we even had the Owner of Mangoes attend … here is Jimmy talking to John, SandysWay

and of course there is music

even Scotty, playing the saw .. Rake and Scrape
we are heading out the next morning … cruisers midnight is
9pm in the Bahamas

we headed out of Marsh Harbour and decided it was our shake down
cruise .. so we just went as far as Matts Lowe Cay … 
this boat is washed ashore and on closer look .. it is still tied to a dock, that is all smashed up
it must of washed there from another island
this is low tide and at high tide  only 1/2 of the boat is showing 

Matts Lowe Cay is a private island, that now has dogs patrolling the beach to
keep us off

SandysWay is travelling with us … thank goodness !!

Joe had to tweak the alignment on the motor and shaft … everything
seems good after we took it for a short test drive … so we thought, we did not
know that a clamp on the stuffing box broke

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