Sunday, 18 March 2018

February 12 - 13, 2018 Songwriters in Paradise

its time to leave Great Guana Cay … these are long distant swimmers
heading out to practise for a competition that is up coming  .. I think they stayed
in the Sea of Abaco and not the ocean

SandysWay and Modaki heading over to Spoil Cay .. and yes this
is the real colour of the water … on the way we crossed paths with
Wingspread, they crossed the Whale today

Spoil Cay, just off Bakers Bay is a man made island .. years ago when
Walt Disney wanted to make a resort in the area, they dredged a channel
to get their Cruise Ships from the Whale  thru Logger Head Channel to Great Guana Cay…
well it didn't work, most of the time the Cruise Ships could not get around The Whale and
the mostly built resort was abandoned … 

because of all the dredging it unearthed millions of shells …
this cay should be called Shell Cay …

Sandy and I also found this fish … not to sure what it is

our boats at anchor

some of my finds on Spoil Cay

we then headed to the west shore of the Sea of Abaco and Water's Cay …
John and Sandy have not been to this area and we were excited to show them

Sandy and I went exploring on a wreck

today there was a lot of Angel fish and Snappers

I really like these full face masks

we spent the night and early the next morning we headed back to
Elbow Cay to attend 
Songwriters in Paradise opening ceremonies 

this is the 6th year of SIP Hope Town …
each year 15 World Class Songwriters get together here for
a multi-day music fest

Django Walker … his father is Jerry Jeff Walker
and Django has written songs for Pat Green, Jimmy Buffet and others

Channing Wilson

Patrick Davis with his sister and father, Patrick is the
organizer of the event

the music was fantastic .. some of the other song writers are
Mark Bryan, Johnny Bulford, Kristian Bush, Kylie Rae Harris, Lauren Jenkins, 
Phillip Lammonds ……

the next morning Sandy and I had to find a dumpster for our
4 days of living on the boat and no were to put our trash … 
during our search we got to explore Firefly Resort … the grounds
here are immaculate

Wondering Jew as a boarder plant

SandysWay on the left and Modaki on the right

part of the antics of the Songwriters in Paradise (SIP), is to
hoist a guitar case up the flag pole for the week of music

this is a beautiful resort … time to head out

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