Sunday, 11 March 2018

February 8 - 9, 2018 Hope Town and Tahiti Beach

the one hour motor crossing to Elbow Cay felt like an eternity …
every slap of water on the haul had us both jumping … well okay it was just me ..
but Joe did good and checked the prop shaft every 5 minutes to ensure ME that we are
still floating …and we did float and nothing bad happened …. 

 finally we got to meet up again with SandysWay, we both anchored just off the
Lighthouse at Elbow Cay ….  its so nice to be on the water again … 

we picked up Sandy and John in our dinghy and headed into Hope Town Inn and Marina
for some good music … free to listen, but some expensive drinks did flow .. it was a fundraiser for
a project to restore an Abaco  boat that was found in bad shape in Jamaica … Dave  Wright has sailed it back to the Abacoes and needs funds and volunteers to help restore her.  All her rigging and sails have been donated from the Kingston area and Nova Scotia … go Canada go !!!!

our friends from the MH boat yard, Robin and John (that fed us) … I should note that these two fabulous 
people, just got married November 2017 … for sure they know the meaning
of living your life to the fullest ….  it was great to see them again .. and our lives crossed paths
in the next two weeks .. we are leaving an anchorage and they arrive … big waves from both of us

some of our friends that we have met in the last 4 years in the Bahamas

Helen  and Joe

John and Sandy

our friend Dave Wright .. aka Barefoot Dave

this young lad, that lives on a boat with his parents entertained
us for at least an hour

aka Anne Geddes models .. I wonder who put him in the flower pot in
the first place ???  the best hiding spot for this young sailor  lol

Dave performing .. I have a video .. but don't think it works on this blog

our little entertainer dancing

now back on the boat .. one of my favourite anchorages (weather permitting) is under the
Elbow Cay Lighthouse

early the next morning we headed to Tahiti Beach with SandysWay…
this is Ain't Miss Behaven sailing past us at anchor .. Helen has a 3 ft draft so she can go thru any time
.. we have to wait until higher tide .. so we anchored for a few hours and walked the beaches

at low tide this is completely dry

Sandy watching the waves pound on the iron stone rocks

the tide is rising and we need to go now …
back to our boats and off to the next anchorage

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