Monday, 17 November 2014

November 13, 2014 ocean passage to Fernandina, Florida

passing under the J.E. McTEER Memorial Hwy Bridge

along this part of the ICW, we were having trouble finding the next green marker, now we know why

the weather was starting to change and if we wanted to put on the miles, we needed to do a jump out on the ocean, it was either tonight or do the 200 nm in Georgia State on the ICW… Snowbird and Modaki decided to go … everything was good at the beginning of the evening, wind was from the west, off shore, and the seas only about 2 - 3 ft.  well things can change in the night … the wind was 15, gusting to 20, and an ocean swell hit the port side and the wind the STB side, therefore a bumpy, lumpy night 
we were never in danger but it was not as smooth as we wanted …. and one of us was sea sick, and it was not Joe
this picture is the sun rising, in Florida

I'm not too sure why I'm smiling …. maybe because we are only 4 hours away from our anchorage

22 hours … 128 nm    at mile 717 on the ICW …. we have travelled 2,200 nm since July 21, 2014

a shrimp boat chasing us to port

Snowbird, following us

Fernandina Beach, Florida is a pulp mill town .. the wind was blowing away from us

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