Sunday, 2 November 2014

October 30, 2014 …. Cedar Creek … mile 187

we left at 7:15 again, and this time the wind was light but gave us about half a knot boost
…. it was also freezing, so on came the survival suits again

from the Pamlico River through Goose Creek, aids to navigation return to the ICW configuration of red-to-starboard running south
this water now is running clear, it is completely marshland, and tons of places to anchor in 7 - 8 ft

at Hobucken Bridge and Coast Guard Station

this looks like a good dock to tie to

fresh seafood right from the fishermen

we are not too sure what is going on here

sail out, sail in ..anything for a boost on this long day

here they are harvesting grass … for what purpose we have not found out yet

all the houses are built on stilts, so it looks like they are flooded from time to time

Snowbird following, entering the Neuse River, strong winds over a period of a few days can raise or lower the depth of both the Bay and Neuse rivers by several feet.  Winds from the northeast will raise it, and westerly winds will lower it.  These conditions can leave you aground in a marina or at anchor.

the Neuse River looks more like a Bay, not a river, it is so wide across, but very shallow out of the channel, and can give the same rough conditions like Albemarle Sound

a pelican making a crash landing

we wanted to anchor at Oriental for the night, but the anchorage was so full, there was no space for another boat, so out we went again to cross the Neuse River, about 6 miles to Cedar Creek
it was a 9 hour day .. but we are at mile 187 … this anchorage is great, lots of room to swing

we are settling in for the night and the fishermen are heading out

sun setting

this is our path from Elizabeth City, October 28 to present Cedar Creek, about 130 nm

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  1. HI Joe & Yvonne, I hope it warms up by the time we get there! Great photos! Don't forget to change direction once in awhile while you wait for a bridge to open! Keeps you from getting wound up too tight! We are sitting in Atlantic City in the rain and chilling today. If we need to wait for more than a day we will move into the anchorage. Brian Mundle is down there at Norfolk VA. Stay warm & dry! Hope to see you sometime next month!