Monday, 17 November 2014

November 15, 2014 Pine Island, Florida

it was hard to get going at 6:30, we both are still tired, but we have to make a 45 nm trip to the next anchorage, at Pine Island, our first bridge was Sister's Creek, (not this bridge), it opens on demand, and the operator apologized to us that we had to wait for a few minutes before he could open, it was because he was so busy this morning the the metal was too hot …

we kind of liked the looks of this boat

we are now seeing white pelicans

security is keeping us away from this warship that is being built

and the homes keep on getting bigger and bigger

a live-aboard boat

double decker boat house

we had the currant with us all day … and we left at 6:30 am, the boats that left at a more reasonable time, 2 hours after us, unfortunately had to wait for another 5 hours to cross the sandbars … so I guess we made the right decision to leave at the break of dawn

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