Sunday, 2 November 2014

October 26, 2014, Dismal Swamp … part 2

after the Deep Creek Lock, where the lock master provided free coffee and donuts to the boaters, when we where locked thru, we all proceed at a slow pace, to the next bridge that had to be opened … this lock master got in his truck and drove 1/2 a mile to open the road bridge for us … the last time we saw this happen was at St. Peters Locks, Cape Breton

everyone was patient and not much wake

a lot of the trees were overgrown by vines

vegetation growing out of the old stumps

the skipper  at the bow enjoying the scenery

the old superintendent house, on the Virginia side

this guy came out of a boat launch ramp, that was only a small opening in the vegetation, we had a good conversation and he works in Norfolk, making Warships, and this is his down time, riding in the Dismal Swamp

a bridge to transport cattle across the canal

it is rolled across on rollers

we had a very good sunny day, and the swamp is not dismal

the water is very tannin

entering North Carolina

we stopped at the Visitor Centre for the evening , Joe called customs again, and was told, you have already called us, don't report again until Wilmington … have a great stay in N.C. … some one should tell New Jersey about this policy

8 boats rafted up for the evening

we had drinks aboard the middle boat, Modaki, with Funny Duck to port and, Snowbird to Starboard

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