Wednesday, 12 November 2014

November 8 and 9, part two

history of the City Market

we walked on this beautiful day into the older part of the city

this church has a 1700 - 1800 grave yard, on one side of the road and the other, but we found out later that the road was built over the rest of the graves and they were not removed … that would not happen now

stone roads

you could tour this home

we all loved this lane

Dave, Janine and Joe snooping into someone's back yard, lol

vines covering the stone walls

and what was this lane called

a great name for sailors to happen across

a park walk way

pineapple fountain, warning sign said " No lifeguard on duty, wade in the water at your own risk"

the submarine

since we anchored out, you had to pay for the dinghy dock, it was $5 a day, and free place for garbage
you could spend weeks in  Charleston, it is full of history and was a very friendly city, but it is time for us to move on again

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