Wednesday, 5 November 2014

November 4, 2014 … not a good day on the water

this is some pictures of a few lift or swing bridges that we have waited on to open
we are at mile 335 now and so far we have passed thru 15 of these

and passed under 18 fixed bridges

the houses are getting bigger

and brighter

one of the many inlets to the sea, that is silting the channel, at this place the green bouys have been moved 100 feet … DO NOT follow your charts or chart plotters … we heard on the VHF of boats running aground not once, but twice … very shallow in this area

lots of erosion

the U.S. Coast guard moving the markers, this vessel was right across the channel in Cape Fear River, we radioed to see what side we should pass on … he said the stern … it took us a few minutes to figure which end was the stern  …. a power boat was following us and later thanked us for leading thru this 
unmarked channel

a flock of pelicans

note price of a lot on the ICW

Joe high lightening the ICW Channel, for easier and quick reference

a 9 hour day and only 42 km …. the currant was against us most of the day, weather was bad, and had a hard time to find a safe place to anchor …. 

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