Wednesday, 12 November 2014

November 8 and 9, Charleston, South Carolina Mile 469 part one

another live aboard boat in Charleston

Ravenel Bridge

a live aboard sailor returning to his boat

we have to find out the name of this tree, but the branched grow into each other

checking out the moss and ferns growing on a stone wall

coming into Charteston

being greeted by Bottlenose Dolphins is always a good sign

we arrived just in time to see Catherine and Gavin, from JUMP, heading out to sea, for a 2-3 day passage to St. Augustine, Florida … we haven't seen each other for about 3 weeks

our days passage 3.25 hours and 16 nm

a beautiful wooden 150'- 175' at the dock

everyone is fish in'

all of the porches are on the side of the homes

there is a free trolley system, we took advantage of it to buy groceries and sight see different parts of the historic town

the City Market, sometimes called the Slave Market,  … the building is about 50 feet wide and goes long wise for 3 city blocks

sea grass baskets

tiles from old homes

walking from one building to another

telephone wire baskets from South Africa, I just had to buy one, mine is something like the small one to the right

some more of the baskets

Joe stopped for pizza, and we could not get over the size of the pizza's made

back to the market, these are from pop bottle tops, the artist was quite good

a tile painting …. part two to follow

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