Wednesday, 5 April 2017

April 1, 2017 Man-O-War, Boat Builders Memorial Day

Saturday we all walked to the Crossing Bay Ferry Dock, to take advantage of the $10 round trip
to MOW …the usual cost is $30 round trip

everything was well organized and it sure was well attended
the ceremony started with the Ringing of the Bell, then school kids
sang March On, Bahamaland, then we all sang God Save the Queen
the guest speaker was the Minister of Tourism, Hon. Obie Wilchombe, who
promised that he would send a team to do a documentary on
boat building on MOW

there was lots of food offered and coffee was in order for us all

lots of beautiful crafts


wood working tools

the Hon. Obie Wilchombe

Launching of Conniption, a Abaco Dinghy

the Boat Builders' Memorial plaque

one of the little singers of the All Age School

there was lots of boats on display for inspection 

we had a great time, and it is time to take the ferry back to Marsh Harbour

last year it was Modaki having dinghy issues, this year it is Escape Velocity,
we lent Harry our dinghy for a few days, so he could haul his out of the water
at Mangoes to do a repair job

Joe and I making California Rolls for our Happy Hour and Pot Luck at Mangoes

after the pot luck we all went across the harbour to The Jib Room to
listen to the Rake n Scrape

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