Saturday, 15 April 2017

April 5 - 7 part two Breakfast in a Liquor Store

Chris Parker is forcasting 40 knot winds, gusting to 50 …
all of the mooring balls in Black Sound and White Sound are taken, so we opted to
go to a marina  $1.50/ft

we kind of felt out of place, we where the smallest boat and shortest mast
but we will be safe from the clocking winds

the storm was to hit the following night so we did our usual
walk-a-bout … walking uphill to the other side of the island

and walking down hill to the banks side

and it was windy with the wind coming from the west at the moment

we then decided to walk to the ocean side, and to our luck we got picked up by a
passing golf cart, this is on our way back to the boat

once back it was getting to high tide and we needed our stern lines tied to a pole
of course there was no hook for us .. we had to supply our own stainless nails to 
tie our lines around

on this side of the Whale, all the ferries are Bolo boats

Jack and Diane on Valentine, from the Cape Cod area

the next day we took another walk to the ocean

the road ways are only wide enough for golf carts

finally the beach

a nice fence

we found comes sea beans

and a hairy coconut, all we had to do was mark on some eyes nose and mouth

another huge line washed to shore

fossil like rocks

bottom of bottles in the cement

and yes the water is this colour

some local art work

more fossil like rocks

saying good bye to this beach for today

this is a mature fig tree, sending roots to the ground

we watched the storm pass a way north of the Abaco Islands,
we did get clocking high winds, and 2 boats for sure dragged in
White Sound
but all was good with us

we dinghied to Black Sound to visit some friends

Pat and Tootie on Celtic Cat, Nova Scotia

Dan and Lucey on Trinity 1, from Ottawa

then into New Plymouth for happy hour in a Liquor Store

what you do is buy a bottle of wine or beer and they open it for you..
give you a glass and you drink it in the store while you are socializing

and they even serve snacks

and we meet up with a lot of your sailing friends

Old Sam, Te Amor, Trinity 1, Caltic Cat, and Modaki

and the party continues out side also
a count was made and about 60 cruisers and locals attended
….. in this liquor store they also serve, breakfast, lunch and dinner
and sell T-Shirts that say "" I had breakfast in the Liquor Store ""
…. Brent, do you this  would work in Owen Sound ???

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