Wednesday, 26 April 2017

April 15 - 22, 2017 Munjack Cay part one

the winds are now going to be east for the next week, so we headed back up to Munjack Cay
and took a walk to the other side of the island, the path is one mile long, winding around and around, thru Poison Wood trees and some marshy area

it was a hot day, but the No Seeums are not around

finally the beach

and we are once again the only walkers, we found some Sea Beans

in one area where the beach is narrow, a lot of trees have been up rooted during storms
we figured we walked about 5 miles today

the next day back at the boat we decided to do some
house keeping and sort out our first aid kit and medicine cabinet, we are getting organized to head back home, we also had to wait for high tide to do the dinghy drift up a creek

between Munjack Cay and Crab Cay is a creek/river, it is about 200 feet at the mouth and
gets shallow and narrow

the tide was coming in and just about high tide, so we shut off the motor and
drifted, this way you see more of the wildlife
on the way in we counted 25 sea turtles from 1 ft to 3 ft 

and the water gets green and the mangroves take over the creek

on one of the side paths we come across some boats at a dock, we are sure that they can't leave until
extreme high tides, and the mangroves are taking over all the side paths

because these Cays are so close together, there are many beaches to walk

one of the land crabs, trying to hide on us … he needs to work better on his hide away

a walk around to the ocean side

this year we have been seeing a lot of bamboo in shore, not to sure where it is coming from

some ancient trees

 I made Cracked Conch, for a snack .. so good

another few days have come to a close ….forest fires still burning

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