Wednesday, 5 April 2017

March 29 - 31, 2017 Buckaroon Bay

then we went across the Sea of Abaco to Buckaroon Bay
to show them the creeks … Grooven, Elizabeth and Chris joined us also

on the way up the creeks, we must of seen 25 sea turtles, vultures and Osprey

the wrecked saw mill is alway a favourite attraction

then we came across a nurse shark

and a huge lobster that had moulted … only the shell remaining
lobster season ends today

then we all got together on Escape Velocity for a spagetti dinner
Harry, Joe, Dave and Chris

the sunglass gals
Alex, Elizabeth, Finola and my self

our tenders waiting for our return home

the sun rise

with all of this fun stuff there can be tragedy …
a May Day call went out on Channel 16, and it never got switched to
a working channel … so we all listened to the happenings … a diver was unconscious,
on board, then no vital signs, CPR given, Bahama Fire and Rescue arrived, they could not transfer the
man to a go fast boat, because of his size, to get him to Marsh Harbour, CPR still was administered, but it did not look good for the man …..  it just happened that 
Joe and I where walking to the bank when the boat made it to the ambulance dock

once at the bank the inside ATM machine was not working … so we had to
drive thru banking method

a sign out side a church

then off we went to one of our favourite take out
and the meat is very tender
for $10 of ribs we have 2 meals

tonights supper

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