Friday, 14 April 2017

April 5 - 7, 2017 White Sound, Green Turtle Cay

this is the fuel boat that came into the harbour at 3am, the reason we had to haul anchor and move

the holding in White Sound is not good, there are some mooring balls but not enough for
the 40 some boats that came in for protection from the predicted 40 knot winds
.. beside White Sound is this lagoon, (about 50 acres),we took a dinghy ride inside
and what we found was about 10 abandoned boats, either burnt or 1/2 sunk

there was a lot of good stainless, we are not too sure of the Wrecking Rights in
the Bahamas

this boat looks like it still works

the edges around the lagoon are about 2 feet at low tide, and
the middle area is probably 8 ft.
the problem is getting in, see the line in the middle of the picture, that's rocks
Other Goose, Susan and Rick Schultz can get there Cat in here at high tide, and they did so this year

the Laughing Gulls now have grown in their summer jet black feathers in their head and back

Modaki at anchor for a few nights, then we are moving into the Bluff House Marina
for the predicted 40 knots gusting to 50

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