Saturday, 15 April 2017

April 11 - 14, 2017 Powell Cay part one

this is the cliff in Powell Cay that the Tropic Birds nest, and there was about 10 flying around
but they are too quick for me to get their picture 

this picture is out of order, but we did set an anchor alarm … the winds where
strong out of the east - NE 

some Nicker Beans

this tree is called the Tourist Tree because this is what tourist white
skin looks like after a few days in the Bahama sun

above the Tropic Bird bluff with Valentine

another nice beach

I returned this sea star to the low water mark

the sand was a bit mushy in this area

many years ago a cruiser's propane tank blew up and he died,
this is put here by his family

Inspiration, Robin and Bob, from New Zealand invited Valentine and Modaki over for
happy hour … Robin makes the best Cracked Conch ever

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