Saturday, 15 April 2017

April 8 - 10, 2017 Powell Cay

after the winds died down we headed to Munjack Cay to visit Wingspread
…we had to anchor three different times and every time dragged in the turtle grass,
finally we switched to our fortress and dug in the first try
Wingspread came over for happy hour which turned into a supper for both of us.

the forest fires are still burning

the next day we sailed to Powell Cay for 4 nights, with east winds, blowing 20 - 25 knots
the holding is good here, mostly sand

the ocean beach goes on for miles and we walked to the right

found some unusual shells

Sea Biscuit

and Jack on Valentine found a sea turtle skull

our beach walk treasures

another good day in the Bahamas

the next day we decided to take a 20 minute hike to another ocean beach 

take the walk with us

we went up a hill first then down into a marshy area

finally the beach

as usual we are the only walkers today

what marks the trail is flip flops, floats, shells

water bottles

where are you Joe

and the hard hat marks the Poison Wood tree … don't touch

Powell Cay has 5 beaches, here is another one

we figured it was time to clean the bottom of the dinghy

Joe and I went to every boat in the anchorage and invited them to a bone fire
and Happy Hour … 

out of the 10 boats at anchor .. 8 couples came to shore

my days treasures

and Diane from Valentine gave me her stash of chocolate … so good

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