Wednesday, 26 April 2017

April 15 - 22 Piggy Ville, No Name Cay

we decided to come into Black Sound and do a few errands, so we would be
ready for a few weeks in the Northern part of the Abacoes, little did we know 
that that weather pattern was going to change, we spent 4 nights on Donny's Mooring Ball and
happy that we where secure for the winds that came

.. we found a short cut to get into the settlement, there is lots of abandoned houses and interesting 

a view to the quiet settlement of New Plymouth

this was Good Friday and one of the churches served dinner, baked Mac n Cheese, sweet roll and a whole snapper ….

this succulent plant produces this flower that has a long spike and it is used
for making ropes, Sisal 

we met up with Wingspread, Charlie and Chris and walked to an ocean beach near
Leeward Yacht Club, where they are staying while they get the boat ready for summer storage

one of the many affluent houses

there is a lot more flowering plants blooming now ….winter is over and this is spring time

coconuts sprouting

remember all those hard hats we find on the beaches, well this person
has put them to good use
Trump Construction, I'm sure it is not President Trump's place

after a long walk it is always time for a few special drinks
beer, fruit punch (pink), and a Leaping Lizard (green)
the next day Wingspread will be hauled and stored

the weather was calm and winds in the correct direction, so we took the big boat
and anchored about 200 feet from Piggy Ville… No Name Cay

Craig, one of the guys taking care of feeding and watering the pigs
Craig also works at AYS, where we store Modaki

I have seen chickens eating the meat inside the coconut, but I guess
pigs like it also, Craig brought 25 today, cracked them open and soon the meat was gone

Sunset Marina in Black Sound has supplied this water storage tank and comes all the time with
a tanker to keep it filled

we brought carrots, lettuce and bean sprouts (which they did not eat)

this is Lucy and she has 10 piglets still hiding in the brush ,
the pigs have learnt to drink from the self feeding pipe

they also love bananas, which this young lad soon found out

some one has also dropped off some chickens, they all look healthy
the pig population is at 30 now and I think there might be some culling done soon

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