Saturday, 22 June 2013

June 22, 2013 (on part one typo error we have not got to the 23 yet) ha ha PART TWO

we climbed to the top of a light house, which is part of Spinnaker Landing, for a birds eye view

Silver Fox Marina and Curling Club  $1.50 per night

some drift wood art, made on the island

(rotate picture first), we got invited to a dock side boaters pot luck party ... we did not
know what to expect ...  it was FREE ... all the mussels you can eat, and we ate.  potato salad, buns, chilli, beaver tails (made on site)  veggies, sushi, stuffed mushrooms  ..... 

and of course bags fills of freshly cooked lobster,  I understand that there was some left over too

the smoker for the smoked oysters, and spare ribs , the cooker for the lobster was there too

and fresh raw oysters, so I gave it a try with vinegar and black peppers ... it went
down slippery, but was thinking about having another too.  Joe downed three.

the main man and shucker, was preparing another  ....

we made some pot luck stuff, but was told to not bring it because there was
enough food for every one ... tomorrow we will share.

Mike and Lois, from s/v MILO, we spent a wonderful time with them sharing stories and
getting info from them for the next leg of our journey.

about 15 boats arrived on a race from Shediac to Summerside, first boat came in around 6:30pm
it was great to see most of them flying their spinnakers to the finish line.

repacking sails on the dock

finally everything under control ..
I forgot to tell that the dock hand that took our lines upon arrival, asked were we were from, and he said he know our area.   The owner of Hay Island flew him in there to work on one of his boats.  Small world isn't it.  We also met a lady in a down town store, and she said she went to Wiarton, just to get her picture beside Wiarton Willie!!!!   Good night !!

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