Wednesday, 26 June 2013

June 26, 2013, part 2 still in Charlottetown, unsettled weather .. do we leave or not ???

well we are still in Charlottetown, threat of thunderstorms, kept us at the dock ... and as it turned out they did not arrive, it was drizzle all day, 13 degrees, cold. The north wind, which would of been good for us to sail to Pictou, Nova Scotia. ...........
So instead we went shopping !!!  Joe bought me a fantastic book on the history of sea glass, which includes what colour of glass is from what bottle that was made from the 1800 - present.  And what colours are extremely rare to the common ones ... the owner was interested in our adventures of sailing and from were we came from, and wondered if we have ever found a black piece of sea glass.

She was a collector her self and made beautiful jewellery, necklaces, rings.  Part of her underglass display was of larger pieces of sea glass .. she said that we would never find a black piece, because they are only found in this area, from the boot leggers, that threw the black bottles over board, when they thought the authorities were after them ... so she gave us a piece !!!   WHAT person would give up such a extremely rare piece of sea glass ?? a Canadian Maritimer !!! thank you soooo much 

Maasdam, arriving this morning at 8:30,  left Halifax, for here and leaving for Quebec City 5:30 pm, tomorrow  I will have a picture of her leaving the harbour, there are 75 Cruise ships visiting Charlottetown, this season

sea glass art

the Bonded Warehouse,  In 1901, PEI was the first Canadian Province to make it illegal to possess, consume or sell alcohol.  Officials seized all alcohol in the city and every Monday morning the confiscated liquor was dumped down man holes in front of the ware house.
With it's thick brick walls and heavy iron shutters, the warehouse was one of the most secure building in town.

tonight we hope to walk 20 minutes to see fiddles playing at a local  Irish Alehouse !!

well Lupins are abound in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, love them so much, they remember me of all the ones my mom use to have in Paisley... Joe bought me a package of seeds to start for next year, what a great guy I have !!!!!

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