Monday, 24 June 2013

June 23, 2013 clam digging

our morning started with a walk along the boardwalk, ... then we connected with Ed, Marsha, and Muffi, friends  we met at Romeo's yard,  a few weeks ago, they are on the hunt for a new to them sailboat .. 
Cathy, in the blue, that is going to see "Sting" tonight in Summerside, I am jealous !!!!,  is Marsha's cousin ... we hope to see all of you this early fall, when we go and pick up our car.

the beginning of our clam dig ... jack knife clams or razor clams

we are on the beach at low tide

have to find those holes .. then dig and get the clams

Glenna and Joe finding those holes .. then we realized we are too far off shore

John and Joe heading inland,  more to dig ...

we hit the right spot, bucket is getting full

a view along the beach

shovel and a clam that is more than 2 inches long 

the catch

on our way back to the car, we just had to try a few more places
thank goodness the rain held off for this adventure ...
it was on Joe's Bucket List of things to do ...  
he now informs me that he will find room on the boat for a shovel ...
WHAT !!!!

our new found clam digging friends Glenna and John left us with a bucket full of
mussels too, all cooked in butter and so good ... well 4 buckets full ... 
to save space we de shelled them and soon it will be supper.

kind of a blurry picture, but the clams are in a bucket .. "pissing out",
getting rid of the sand...
oh ya, our feet and hands are stained red from the PEI soil .. love it !!!!

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