Monday, 24 June 2013

June 24, 2013 Charlottetown PEI

leaving Summerside PEI, heading to Charlottetown, PEI

Confederation Bridge in view

what a magnificent  structure !

thru and the mast did not touch  ..

another 6 hours to go on the water ..

oh ya Joe's clams, had to have the water changed again, two times on our 8 hour trip

this is one of PEI beers ... quite good

coming into Charlottetown, love those red banks

we met the captain of this tour boat a few hours later.

an Irvine  Fuel Freighter at dock

our trip today

another tour boat

I think I am obsessed by these jelly fish .. I will have to google their name ...
I understand they sting .. ouch

silly guy he turned up side down !

Charlottetown Yacht Club we are at for a few nights.

at low tide this sailboat stuck on bottom and club boat pulled him off

a short walk and we discovered 1865 year old houses

one night of clam digging and Joe's t-shirt is this colour ...

1860's houses

white sail races at the club we are at 

Joe finally gets to steam him clams ... and I must say they went very good with
potatoe salad and bean salad !!!!

Moon Jelly fish and the red ones, that sting, have to find out the name.

There is no wifi at the boat, so I have to come to the club house, to send and receive, so I might be slow 
in returning messages !!

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