Tuesday, 25 June 2013

June 25, 2013 Charlottetown, PEI

The Veendam arriving in Charlottetown at 7am, she is 320 metres long and 32 wide, draws 7.7 metres, she came from Quebec City, stayed for the day and left at 6pm for Sydney Nova Scotia.  Even though she was only going a few knots, the wake from her rattled and shook all the boats in our marina, for 60 seconds.  

one of the sight seeing tour buses

a good idea for a t-shirt

some streets are blocked off and restaurants, cafes, gift shops every where

these are Cow Chips, potato chips dipped in chocolate !!!

Joe having a good conversation with Sir John A. Macdonald

then we saw Anne of Green Gables, talking to Sir John ...

even though this is a sailing adventure, Joe "the forester" told me that those little
brown thingies, are going to be cones next year ... kind of cool to know!!!

some art ideas !!

PEI is famous for the rug hooking !

more historic buildings down by the harbour

lots of wood clad homes all painted different colours, and always trees lining the roads

time for a break, Joe coffee and me ...

I just had to try another PEI  brew, another lager, very good !!

the old city hall, it reminded me of Owen Sound's old one.

out with the old and in with the new, our electric one burner, had it's last fixing from
Joe this morning, the wires are corroding faster than we had hoped

because of the full moon, we are experiencing higher than high, and lower than low tides,
some of the boats in the marina are sunk a foot or more in the mud.  We are out at the harbour 
wall, so we are not affected. 

Hopefully leaving tomorrow early, high tide, weather permitting for Pictou, Nova Scotia.  10 hours

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