Friday, 21 June 2013

part two ... approaching PEI, Canada

well after sailing for most of the 7 hours from New Brunswick to PEI,  we see the red cliffs .. it is hard to believe that Joe and I are still in Canada, but so far from home ....  thank goodness for cell phones, while sailing with only the waves and wind making a sound, Joe's phone rings ... we look at each other and say.. it has to be Jodi ( Baurerlein) .. and it was ...  it was so great to hear from a good friend back in Owen Sound ... one of the other times he called us was when we were meeting a freighter, on the St. Lawrence and had to call him back.

coming into Summerside, PEI., the red cliffs a glowing

MacCallum Lighthouse and Spit, a large jut of rock formation to protect Summerside.

approaching Summerside

the wind had picked up a bit and we were happy to be getting closer to 
Silver Fox Marina.

on the approach ...

rounding the break water

okay stay clear of the shallow waters ...

our 7 hour trip from Shediac, New Brunswick to Summerside, PEI.

our view from the marina, gift shops

gift shops, low tide

thankfully we are off the water ..  squall after squall came rumbling thru our area with high winds

PEI, we are in the right corner of the pink section, soon to discover the rest of the providence 

one of the squalls to pass. ... see you Summerside tomorrow !!!!!

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