Tuesday, 2 July 2013

July 1, 2013 Canada Day - Pictou - Ballantynes Cove, Nova Scotia - 3 Pilot Whales !!!!!!!

just before we rounded Cape George, we had a surprise of seeing 3 whales, about 75 ft to our Port, later we found out that they are Pilot Whales and had babies with them !!!   What a beautiful site, sorry no camera was rolling at that time.

rounding this Cape reminded Joe and I about rounding Cape Croker, Ontario

this cliff is quite high and some energetic  sailers, walk up to the lighthouse to see the view, it will take 2 plus hours .. ... it was raining so we had a good excuse not to do it.!!!

red cliffs, as we are coming in to a fishing port

entrance to port , were do we dock??  just pick one we are told to do.

our day trip, 7 hours, 44 km.

we found a spot, on the outside of a dock, the entrance to the port is just in front, and it was
a concern ... but we had hoped it was just for the night

the end of lobster season here too ... traps all lined up on the docks

this looked like a flower garden, to me, yellow marigolds, and red marigolds !!

the lobster boats at home port, a season's work done.

we loved the words on this fishing boat, 
" Convinced Her Again "

a different fisher mans traps and floats

these are all wooden traps, the first harbour that doesn't have the wire traps

MODAKI, at dock, close to the red banks

we had fish and chips, at a small place that is called Fish and Ships !!
The woman, just finished working on the boats, and she opened the take out stand the next day, so we are told ... 

the entrance to the port

heading out for a walk, between rain showers

rocks and cliffs, that was covered with green vegetation 

lots of wind flowers

we came across this, it was about 3 feet in length, would like to know what fish it is

a Flower Pot ...

the side of the Flower Pot, 

a very big discovery on the beach

about the size of our boat

red mud, flowing down to the sea !!

no sea glass on this beach

so many rocks that are green in colour

Ballantynes Cove, don't follow the chart plotter into this fishing port, and never come in in the dark, $20.00/night, boat our size, with hydro. 

The Fish and Ships place, the Skipper just had to have his Vanilla Ice Cream, before closing time!!!

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