Wednesday, 3 July 2013

July 2, 2013 Canso Lock and Port Hawksbury, Cape Breton another Pilot Whale !!!

we are starting to see more Northern Gannets, just after this picture was taken, and I was putting the
fenders on because of our approach to the Canso Lock ..... we heard a puffff, then saw a very large
Pilot Whale about 50 ft from us, gliding along on his way out into St. George Bay ...  beautiful

we radioed the lock master, ....and before our approach .... we had to give them, the Vessel name, reg. tonnage, registration number, home port, last port of call, next port of call, captain's name ...and more

they  had the first lock doors open, so we motored in, these locks are the size of a freighter, same as
on the St. Lawrence Waterways.  there was a 1.5 knot currant in the lock, and they said we would not tie up, just proceed to the other gate.

Joe kept putting us in reverse, because we kept getting too close to the unopened gate,
our prop walk did not help the situation ....
I thought for sure we were going to turn around in the lock, just to keep away from the unopened lock,
and gate and swing bridge.

gate and doors closing behind us

just about shut ... now hurry up and open the gate in front of us

finally, traffic stopped and the currant took us thru

clear to proceed

there is no fee for this lock, and it is only about 3 feet difference

Ocean freighters, loading

first look at Port Hawksbury, Cape Breton

coming into the fuel dock, we got 59 litres of diesel, at $1.65/litre

our day trip, 29 km, it took 6 1/2 hours, sailing only 2 hours of that time, no wind

one month on the water and I needed to defrost the refrigeration unit

supper, pork chops, beet tops, shrimp in pesto sauce, and dill pickle !!!

the water fire boat, practicing out in the bay

some times they were invisible 

the club house, it is a co-op yacht club like ours back home, $1.35 per foot, hydro and water included

old train station, now a German bakery ... we visited this place a few times ... they even make
gluten free products .. so I got a supply for myself

after 4 hours, I opened my new cooler bag, to find all my meat still frozen, milk, and yogurt cold, and the 2 small trays of ice, still frozen ...  my cooler is Polar Bear, and it claims that ice will stay frozen up to 10 hours, .... it works for me !!!

these are the best showers we have come across so far this year, laundry done too, and 
a walk to and from the grocery store, up hill both way, ha ha
we also ran out of propane, and a staff member drove Joe to Canadian Tire to get it filled.

tugs in the Public Wharf, right next door

this racing sail boat is leaving today for the Azores,  then off to Greece, were the Captain, is going
to charter it, to give people the experience on a ocean race boat ....

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