Thursday, 4 July 2013

June 3, 2013 - part 2

Joe fixing the sails, while under way

large rock island

Lighthouse, Battery Provincial Park, our approach to St. Peter's Lock

it sure was hard to find the entrance to the lock

we are docked at the lock wall, no floating docks here, installing anti-shaffing tube on our lines

cutting more protection from old fire hoses.

we are at high tide here, the range is 3 -4 feet

the fishing boats left behind their lines, so we mixed ours in with theirs.  The
lobster season is now closed in the Bras d'Or Lakes

our days travel, 6 1/2 hours  32 miles, we took the long way around, the short
cut is through the Lennex Passsage

squid in a bucket

families come down to the locks and everyone is fishing

St. Peters Canal - construction began in 1854 and was completed in 1869, 2,600 ft  long and 100 ft. wide
it passes through 66 ft granite hills.  There can be a tidal difference of up to 4.5 ft., between
Bras d'Or Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean.  And can take vessels up to 18 ft. of draft.

Due to the difference in the timing of the tides between Bras d/Or Lakes and the ocean, sometimes the Atlantic side is higher, and some times the lake side is higher.  As a result, the canal requires special "double" gates, the only ones of their kind in North America.

Modaki, on the wall.

Mackerel are also caught here now.

the rocky shoreline, looking for sea glass

found lots of empty shells

more forestry lessons from Joe,  love the colour of the cones !!!!

some one put this plastic elbow pipe around the spruce tree, while it was growing

this guy, caught us some Mackerel, he usually just throws them back

a young lad catching squid

lots of ink was flying last night

this is the double lock system to control the tidal waters

I'm cleaning the Mackerel

tonights supper

our walk on the beach produced, some sea glass, buttercup flowers for my boat vase and a heart shape rock, for Lily !!!

we were impressed on how many people come down to the locks to fish.
I have to try my hand at it, so we asked if we could spend another night on the wall, and
it was no problem ... fishing squid and mackerel tonight !!!!

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