Saturday, 6 July 2013

July 4,- 5 , 2013 Hot hot hot

Joe, getting the the dingy pumped up ... oh no what a mess it is in .. dirty as dirty can be ... we have no fresh water, so it will have to wait to clean it, until we get to a marina. where we can get clean water.

a walk about town, loved the window above the main door.

this house over looked the bay ...

we went to the MacAskill House Museum, a gallery of Wallace MacAskill prints and originals , Wallace is recognized today  as one of the world's outstanding marine photographers.
Photographed the Bluenose, Grey Dawn, Starboard Lookout.   This is a light made from one of his glass negatives.

looking out at our passage to St. Peter's Lock

a mural,

depicting the area

Battery Provincial Park, Light house afar !!

this house had a view to the bay ...

low tide, don't get off the boat now !!!

Joe had a good time figuring out the lines , cause the tide was up and down and because we are in area that the current went in and out !!!

we walked to Battery Provincial Park, and the park staff said that the government was going to dismantle the light house and close thing ups ... what the heck !!

this Spruce Gall, is for Sue Allison and Ron Ball ,,, I wish I could of brought it
back for you two !!!

more boats are arriving at the locks, fireworks tonight

this family was having fun behind our boat, catching anything to give the kids the adventure ,
so great to see this happening !!!

this is part of the Armstrong Family, they are house/dog/cat sitting in the area, ....
but the best thing is that they are from Fergus, Ontario, ....  it was so nice to meet you all and we hope to connect again back in Ontario ......  Mark, Christine, Sidney, Jocelyn and 

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